Why when taking Duphaston began an unusual selection


For the treatment of many gynecological diseases, doctors often prescribe hormonal drugs. Disorders in the endocrine system and a decrease in the synthesis of sex hormones leads to disruptions of the menstrual cycle and difficulties in conceiving and carrying a child. Duphaston is one of the widely used drugs for the correction of progesterone levels.

While taking pills in women, the menstrual cycle is normalized and overall well-being improves. However, in some cases, there may be unexpected reactions of the body to the course of treatment. Some women are concerned about brown discharge while taking the drug. To find out the exact cause of this condition, you should consult with your doctor.

Why do spotting appear

Ointment when taking Duphaston in most cases is not a health hazardous condition. If spotting after taking Duphaston appeared shortly before the expected onset of menstruation, this is considered a variant of the norm. Treatment Duphaston usually lasts several months. It is necessary to drink tablets twice a day from 16 till 25 day of a cycle (the gynecologist can change the scheme of reception).

If during the course of treatment, instead of menstruation, only minor spotting is noted, then you should be examined by a doctor in the near future.

Brown daub may also not be associated with taking the drug. Spotting may be one of the symptoms of these conditions:

  • endometriosis,
  • uterine polyp
  • inflammatory diseases of the cervix and vagina,
  • early stages of pregnancy: brown discharge sometimes appears during the implantation of the ovum to the wall of the uterus.

To find out why daubing begins instead of menstruation is best done by your gynecologist. He examines your hormonal status, will examine the external and internal genital organs to exclude other pathologies. Often, brown daub appears after the first month of treatment. The forums are also actively discussed daub during the reception Duphaston. However, you should continue taking the drug after a comprehensive examination by a gynecologist, strictly observing the treatment regimen you have been prescribed.

Drug description

Very often, when diagnosing a progesterone deficiency, women are prescribed Duphaston tablets, and secretions that do not quite correspond to physiology are an integral part of treatment. This is absolutely normal - and there is nothing to fear. Most often, women complain of a fecal brown discharge after taking Duphaston.

The drug itself is a synthetic hormone progesterone and is used to treat infertility. It is necessary to take the remedy in the second phase of the menstrual cycle, when the uterus is actively preparing for the onset of a potential pregnancy.

The duration of the course and dosage are individual. They depend on the initial level of progesterone, general well-being.

The effect of the drug on menstruation

Many women say that after taking Duphaston, brown discharge began. At the same time, some women complain that instead of their usual monthly periods a scanty bloody secret appears.

This behavior of the body is a normal reaction to the start of hormone therapy. Progesterone coming from outside makes changes in the current hormonal background, which is reflected in the quality of menstruation.

Djufastone treatment is carried out in the second half of the menstrual cycle. The tool prepares the endometrium of the uterus for the upcoming implantation of a fertilized egg, causing it to thicken and loosen. But the therapeutic result may not come immediately (a cumulative effect is characteristic of a drug), so women note brownish discharges that are uncharacteristic for themselves.

Possible adverse reactions

On the background of treatment with a hormonal agent, the development of adverse symptoms is possible. Most often women complain that after taking Duphaston, daubing begins instead of menstruation (pink or dirty-red discharge). Severe breakthrough bleeding is also not excluded. In this case, hospitalization is recommended.

Brown discharge when taking medication - the permissible rate.

After the cancellation of Duphaston, the appearance of uncharacteristic discharges is also not excluded. The reasons:

  1. Cancellation syndrome. With a sharp refusal to take medication, specific symptoms can form - deterioration of general well-being, delayed menstruation, the appearance of intermenstrual daub. To avoid the development of such a state, the abolition of the drug should be carried out according to a special scheme: the dose is reduced gradually. This will help prepare the body for self-production of progesterone.
  2. The beginning of gestation. According to the traditional scheme, the drug is taken in the second half of the menstrual cycle, and if fertilization has occurred, then bloody smear may indicate the embryo is embedded in the wall of the uterus. If the monthly does not come, it is necessary to conduct a test that will either confirm or refute the pregnancy.

A woman's body reacts sensitively to various changes. Brown discharge is not the norm in all cases. Sometimes serious diseases can cause it, in particular:

Before treatment with a drug, a full medical examination is mandatory. But the beginning of the daub, according to women, accounted for precisely the period of initiation of therapy.

If after three or four months of treatment, the discharge has not disappeared, then an ultrasound examination should be performed to exclude pathologies of the reproductive system.

Duphaston and pregnancy

The drug is often prescribed to conceived women in order to preserve the pregnancy. Bloody daub when taking Duphaston or brownish discharge, typical for non-pregnant, are not observed. The most common occurrence of yellow or abundant white vaginal mucus, due to changes in the composition of the vaginal microflora and the overall functioning of the reproductive system.

The appearance of saturated brown secretions when taking Duphaston can be considered as a sign of detachment of the placenta. At the same time, the risk of spontaneous miscarriage increases significantly. In case of development of similar symptoms, the woman needs to revise the dosages of the drug.

Blood excretion during pregnancy during the treatment with Duphaston is possible in two cases:

  • the onset of spontaneous abortion,
  • development of ectopic pregnancy, when the ovum is attached in the lumen of the fallopian tubes.

A woman should remember that if the discharge was first and then stopped, then this is no reason to calm down. The development of miscarriage is not excluded, therefore, pregnant women will be recommended to conduct an ultrasound study.

How to avoid secretions

So that during the reception of Duphaston daub does not appear, you must first complete a full medical examination. A woman will need:

  • blood test to determine the level of estrogen and progesterone,
  • bacterial seeding of vaginal microflora in order to identify pathogenic microorganisms,
  • Ultrasound examination of the organs of the low-base area.

Since taking the drug must begin in the second half of the cycle, that is, after ovulation has occurred, in order to correctly determine the time, a basal temperature measurement may be recommended to the woman.

Conventional mercury thermometers are best used for this purpose, as they provide more accurate readings. The release of the egg occurs in the middle of the cycle. Its occurrence is indicated by an increase in temperature to 37.2–37.5 degrees.

Measurements should be carried out in the morning, without getting out of bed. The resulting numbers must be recorded by writing in a special diary. Begin receiving Duphaston from the day when there was a sharp increase in performance.

Bleeding when taking Duphaston

Treatment with hormonal drugs is almost always accompanied by uncharacteristic ointmenttherefore, Duphaston and brown discharges against the background of its intake are an acceptable kind of temporary disturbances.

After ingestion, an increase in progesterone level occurs. If the reception of the funds is assigned to call the monthly, then for the body the growth of the hormone serves as a signal of ovulation occurred. This is accompanied by the onset of rejection of endometrial tissue and menstrual bleeding.

When prescribing the drug for therapeutic purposes, when there is a shortage of progesterone in the female body, its reception should begin after the onset of ovulation. In this case, the woman does not exclude the appearance of blood discharge of varying intensity. The reason for this is the body's response to hormone intake. In the case of prolonged use of Duphaston - for several months - intermenstrual discharge ceases.

The development of breakthrough bleeding requires a revision of the dosage of the hormonal agent. As a rule, it increases - and the problem is solved. To adjust the regimen and the rate of medication should be a qualified specialist. It is also forbidden to stop taking the drug without specifying a gynecologist, since it does not exclude the development of unpleasant adverse symptoms.

Duphaston is a specific drug, the treatment of which should be started only after consultation with a specialist. Duphaston is often prescribed for ovarian cyst, endometriosis, polycystic and other gynecological diseases. Do not forget that only a doctor should select a dosage and prescribe a course of treatment.

General situation

It is also used to normalize pregnancy, since the sexual hormone progesterone is restored by the active ingredients of the substance. At the first formation of discharge, some patients stop taking the pills without the knowledge of the doctor, while others do not pay attention, and they consider it to be normal. Doctors inform the female in advance that if there are any deviations from the norm or unpleasant symptoms, you should come to the consultation to find out the reason for the appearance of discharge.

Important! Any hormonal agent should be taken at the same time, the admission of medication is not allowed. With an increase and decrease in the dose of the drug without the appointment of a specialist, bloody discharge may occur or abundant bleeding may open, leading to unpleasant complications.

Characteristic disorder

When a drug is taken for a long time, a bloody vaginal blood compartment may form, and this bloody ward often resembles menstruation. Its only difference from the monthly is a slightly different shade. Such symptoms do not apply to either allergies or side effects. Duphaston and discharge in this form of disorder result from the directed active actions of the drug on the inner lining of the uterus. With such an effect on the genital organ, the initial stage of the system updates and preparation for pregnancy is stimulated.

Such processes provoke the formation of bleeding, but are not menstruation. This is due to the emergence of a response from the body to the influence of the drug substance. Recovery of the uterus occurs for a long time, usually it takes at least 30 days for complete recovery, and sometimes more. As a rule, it depends on the individual characteristics of the organism.

The use of duphaston and the formation of discharge

When discharge occurs while taking duphaston, then one of the possible causes of breakthrough uterine bleeding is a failure in the reproductive system. A disorder is formed if an imbalance is manifested, which leads to the proliferation of the endometrium. Thus, rejection occurs, and the woman begins to bleed heavily. Discharges from duphaston tablets are due to the fact that it is a hormonal agent. If the reason lies in the preparation itself, then the doctor cancels its use.

Important! There are also such cases when, after medical treatment, the patient has a change in the menstrual cycles, and the blood separation from the vagina becomes insignificant. To find out what causes such changes, when instead of the usual menstruation blood smearing occurs, you need to consult with a specialist. You should also have a blood test to determine the hormone level.

Duphaston is not a harmless tablet (vitamin), it is quite a serious hormonal drug. And he has a rather high price, and he is accepted according to the scheme that the specialist has appointed. Self-cancellation of the drug is strictly prohibited; only the gynecologist changes the treatment. You also can not replace it with similar medicinal substances without the knowledge of the physician, otherwise it will lead to serious complications.

Main reasons

The discharge from the reception of duphaston, especially brown, is initially considered a normal indicator. But, not every patient they stop. There are cases when bleeding from the vagina does not stop for a long time, and in severe form, the occurrence of breakthrough bleeding. This is due to the impact of various factors. Excretion can occur when a woman takes the wrong drug and independently changes the dosage of the drug. Allocations at duphastone can form in patients who do not know how much progesterone was in the body.

Therefore, initially it is required to undergo all the necessary tests, and only then undergo the treatment (in this case, it is impossible to do without the consultation of the doctor, who after the examination will prescribe the correct dose and course of the drug intake). The pathological process in the ovaries, which reduces the level of estrogen in the body, also affects the onset of heavy menses after taking the pills. Thus, the hormonal background shifts. Also, in some patients, the egg is released much later than two weeks later, as the new menstrual cycle began. If, when taking the drug, wrong calculations are made about when the ovulation process comes, then the formation of spotting begins.

Discharge in pregnant women while taking duphaston

In medical practice, the medication is discharged to patients already at the onset of pregnancy, when its reception is necessary to maintain the normal course of gestation. Occasionally, the formation of blood units from the vagina with a brown tinge is observed in pregnant women with this treatment. When the drug is used, the formation of yellow mucus or white clots is much more common. This is due to the change of microflora in the vagina, as well as changes in the organ of reproduction.

The bleeding when taking these pills in pregnant women is also formed when the ovum is attached not in the uterus, but in the fallopian tube (ie, the bloody compartment occurs during ectopic pregnancy).

Spotting while taking Duphaston

Duphaston is one of the most popular hormonal agents that correct progesterone levels. Progruchad is a hormone that supports pregnancy. Its lack can lead to miscarriage.

Assign Duphaston, if:

  • A woman is diagnosed with a pregnancy failure.
  • Endometriosis detected,
  • Menstrual functions are impaired
  • There are uterine bleeding.

Sometimes Duphaston is prescribed if the course of premenstrual syndrome is difficult for a woman. But in most cases, Duphaston is an early pregnancy support drug. It is a hormonal agent of the last generation, and its side effects are minimal.

Typically, the drug is prescribed if the pregnant woman went scant spotting. They may fall on the days when menstruation was to begin. Or, these secretions during pregnancy are associated with the implantation of the ovum, which can be expressed by severe pain in the lower abdomen and / or smear.

The spotting: on the background of Duphaston daub

If a pregnant woman is already drinking Duphaston, and the daub has not ceased to be (or, on the contrary, it was not there, but it has begun), this situation definitely requires medical intervention. Immediately inform the doctor. Most likely, he will say continue to drink the medicine, perhaps even increase the dosage. But this decision can only make a doctor!

It is important, and after what time after the start of the reception began the selection. Some women get scared, they think they came monthly, and pregnancy is threatened. If the doctor decides that it is advisable to put the future mother in the hospital, you should not resist referral to hospitalization. The first weeks of pregnancy are the most responsible, difficult and risky.

What to do if a brown discharge began when taking Duphaston

As mentioned above, first tell your doctor that there was a discharge. Do not panic - we are not talking about a miscarriage, the discharge may last for a couple of weeks, and the pregnancy will be safely preserved. But often the case turns into detachment of the ovum or the threat of this detachment. Если ситуацию можно спасти, то после своевременного обращения к врачу вы можете рассчитывать на успешное разрешение.

Если препарат назначен, а мазня продолжается – не увеличивайте сами себе дозировку, не заменяйте Дюфастон другим препаратом. Последствия могут быть плачевны. No need to wait for real bleedings to go instead of dabs. Only to the doctor, only to fulfill all his recommendations and, most importantly, not to worry and not to overstrain.

Severe breakthrough bleeding when taking Duphaston

Breakthrough uterine bleeding occurs due to hormonal disorders. When the balance of hormones is disturbed, the endometrium grows, and its rejection can take place in parts, as a result - breakthrough bleeding. If they start while taking hormonal drugs, perhaps this requires discontinuation of the drug.

  • The doctor prescribes hemostatic drugs, and does not change the dosage of Duphaston, or drugs + change dosage,
  • Additional ultrasound is required,
  • Hospitalization is required to save pregnancy.

Remember that Duphaston is not a harmless vitamin, but a serious hormonal remedy. This is an expensive drug that is drunk according to a regimen at the same time. That is not the case: today I drink, tomorrow I forget. Drug cannot be canceled independently, even if all disturbing signs pass. It cannot be independently replaced with Utrozhestan, as it is advised by careless moms in special forums. You read their advice, but they will not be able to call you an ambulance, in which case, and they will not answer for the sad consequences.

Why do brown secretions occur in the first trimester?

Previously, when society was not so advanced in terms of contraception, women knew more about their bodies. For example, they noticed white or transparent discharge in the middle of the cycle, realizing that this is ovulation. Does every woman today feel that way? Because the slightest changes need to look closely.

In most cases, slight brown discharge in the first trimester is not a threat. You need to understand their nature, it is not necessary to be a gynecologist. And all the information must speak to the doctor.

What you need to pay attention to:

  • The abundance of secretions
  • Consistency of secretions
  • Duration of discharge
  • Frequency of manifestation of discharge
  • Smell and irritability of the skin from them.

If this is a short-term discharge of a smearing character, they are single, brown or light brown, without smell and other symptoms, there is usually nothing to fear. But go to the doctor necessarily! Often physiological discharge with the introduction of the egg into the shell of the uterus. Such a process lasts more than one day, sometimes it stretches over a half to three weeks. Implantation is often accompanied by rupture of small blood vessels, and the blood is mixed with vaginal secretions.

The second common cause of such brownish discharge is the reaction of the female body to hormonal changes. And blood impurities are mixed with vaginal mucous secretions exactly in those days when they were supposed to come monthly. As if these brown highlights came in their place. But the discharge is scarce, lasting several days, have no smell. Red or yellow discharge is a more alarming signal, to which the doctor will respond.

General information

As mentioned above, progesterone is a female sex hormone, which is produced by the ovaries. When there is a shortage in the body, the endometrium of the uterus suffers greatly, which leads to the development of uterine fibroids, endometriosis, etc.

A deficiency of this hormone acts on the process of conceiving a child - pregnancy either does not occur at all, or frequent miscarriages occur. This is due to the fact that progesterone:

  • It thickens the endometrium of the uterus and makes it loose, which makes it easier for the fertilized egg to attach to its walls.
  • It has a relaxing and antispasmodic effect on the muscular muscles of the uterus when pregnancy occurs.
  • Strengthens maternal instinct in women.
  • The mammary glands are prepared for the upcoming lactation.

The level of this hormone in the body depends not only on the processes described above, but also on the mood of the woman, as it also affects the production of serotonin (the hormone of happiness). Therefore, when progesterone is deficient, the woman becomes irritable and prone to depression.

In addition, this hormone is responsible for the formation of figures. When its concentration drops, body hair growth increases, facial features grow coarser, and so on. In other words, the figure starts to change from female to male.

When is prescribed?

In medical practice, Duphaston is used to treat the following conditions:

  • Infertility.
  • Systematic miscarriages.
  • Violation of the menstrual cycle.
  • The absence of menstruation for 2-3 months or more.
  • Periodic intermenstrual bleeding.
  • Painful and heavy periods.
  • Endometriosis.

Important! Endometriosis is a dangerous pathology, as it can trigger the development of uterine epithelium cancer. It is characterized by the proliferation of organ cells beyond its limits and is manifested by painful sensations in the lower abdomen, vaginal secretions of brown color outside of menstruation, etc.

This tool is available in tablets and contains a synthetic hormone progesterone. Unlike other hormonal drugs, Duphaston should be drunk only in the second phase of the cycle. The duration of the course of treatment and the dosage of the drug are determined individually, depending on the initial level of progesterone in the blood of the woman and her general state of health.

At the initial stages of treatment, women may experience daub after Duphaston, which is considered normal when taking hormonal drugs. Its appearance is caused by the addiction of the body to elevated levels of progesterone. But!

If scanty periods are observed when taking Duphaston for several months, you should immediately consult a doctor, since the adaptation period during this time ends and the appearance of this symptom indicates the presence of pathological conditions not related to the drug, or the hormonal background shift in as a result of violations of the regimen of Duphaston, which requires correction treatment.

It should be noted that complaints from women often come in the form of “starting to drink pills and now my stomach hurts”. This is one of the side effects and if you also started to notice abdominal pain when you were taking the drug, you should consult with your doctor.

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phew .. boron cheese in your head .. Saw duhuston for many years I answer everything at once. Dyuf is drunk 2 times a day and not in the evening! You probably incorrectly wrote, 2 times a day before meals, he drinks, if bowel problems can be after a meal. If the monthly come at the reception dufastona drug is urgently canceled !! The fact that you continue to drink it will cause even more heavy bleeding. So progesterone that was in the drug was enough for you. Hear the author, enough! And the hormone tests you now consider from the day your monthly period went! The saw also had similar problems, there were functional cysts and their periods did not come. Yes, then do not forget to go to the ultrasound for 5-7 days of the cycle, you will need to see if the cyst has resolved, then .. if the cyst has not resolved in the next cycle, most likely you will also need to drink duphaston, I explain .. you also drink 10 days from 16 to 25 the day of the cycle, if you arrive earlier, cancel, and yes .. cancel when they have already gone, and not a drop has seemed. all damn, I will soon become a gynecologist myself, you would have asked the doctor such questions and not the forum, I said how it was in my situation, I think you also. But I warn you, if you do not cancel duphaston during the menstrual period, you cause excessive bleeding so that illiterate doctors will not tell you. I drank the drug for many years, do not worry, I'm in the subject.

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I was also told to drink 2 times a day, and not to smash 2 tablets at once.

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Yes, just need to cancel, if you started your period! Though the pack is not finished. But I always started after the whole pack. I was also told to drink 2 times a day, and not to take 2 pills at once.

I do not always after the pack .. I am the author of the first post. Happened at his admission, then urgently canceled, could drink 5 days could .. could after 10 days of reception .. I drank for 7 years .. every time it was different, I also had cysts and problems with the cycle, on this I lived on the drug.

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Hello! Such a problem (for the second month after the cleaning there are no periods! They assigned "Duphaston ,, on the 8th day of the reception brown daub started who had it?

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phew .. boron cheese in your head .. Saw duhuston for many years I answer everything at once. Dyuf is drunk 2 times a day and not in the evening! You probably incorrectly wrote, 2 times a day before meals, he drinks, if bowel problems can be after a meal. If the monthly come at the reception dufastona drug is urgently canceled !! The fact that you continue to drink it will cause even more heavy bleeding. So progesterone that was in the drug was enough for you. Hear the author, enough! And the hormone tests you now consider from the day your monthly period went! The saw also had similar problems, there were functional cysts and their periods did not come. Yes, then do not forget to go to the ultrasound for 5-7 days of the cycle, you will need to see if the cyst has resolved, then .. if the cyst has not resolved in the next cycle, most likely you will also need to drink duphaston, I explain .. you also drink 10 days from 16 to 25 the day of the cycle, if you arrive earlier, cancel, and yes .. cancel when they have already gone, and not a drop has seemed. all damn, I will soon become a gynecologist myself, you would have asked the doctor such questions and not the forum, I said how it was in my situation, I think you also. But I warn you, if you do not cancel duphaston during the menstrual period, you cause excessive bleeding so that illiterate doctors will not tell you. I drank the drug for many years, do not worry, I'm in the subject.

tell me girls, they appointed Duphaston to call for menses, today is the third day, the fifth pill was in the morning.
I'm sorry, this is the first time I've come across this.

Indications for use and composition

With low levels of the hormone progesterone in the blood, the mood worsens, irritability, not reasoned aggression, sometimes comes to the development of depression. When the body can not produce the hormone in full, doctors prescribe Duphaston. The active substance is didrogesterone (10 mg). Additional components: lactose monohydrate, corn starch, colloidal silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate. This drug is very similar in chemical and pharmacological properties to natural progesterone. When taken, thermogenesis is not disturbed, which makes it possible to determine ovulation from measurements of basal body temperature. Has no side effects on the body. Rapidly absorbed in the digestive tract, determined in plasma 2 hours after the use of the drug. Complete urinary excretion occurs after 72 hours. Prescribe the drug in the following cases:

  1. The emergence of bleeding in early pregnancy, which portends the threat of miscarriage.
  2. Endometriosis.
  3. When violations of the menstrual cycle or its absence.
  4. With reduced progestin levels.

Discharge with the drug

With long-term use of the drug often there are spotting from the female genital organs, which are similar to menstruation, but differ in shade. This symptom is not an allergic reaction and is not a side effect.

Excretions while taking the drug Duphaston appear due to the directional action of the drug on the inner mucosa of the uterus, which stimulates the beginning of the update and preparation for future pregnancy. This process causes bleeding, but is not the beginning of the menstrual cycle.

The response of the body to the action of the drug occurs immediately. The recovery period takes a long time, about a month or more. The result of the treatment is determined by the state of the vaginal epithelium.

If daub when taking Duphaston persist for a week, then you should consult a doctor to adjust the dose. This problem is eliminated by the method of increasing the dosage with a gradual decrease. For the correct calculation of the treatment regimen, the specialist needs to conduct an inspection and collect a full history of symptoms and complaints.

One of the reasons for the onset of menstruation is the lack of ovulation. This situation occurs when ovarian dysfunction. Duphaston is prescribed, which stimulates an artificial change of the mucous layer of the uterus, thereby leading to normal ovarian activity. Take the drug is required for 3 menstrual cycles. In no case can not interrupt or self-drink the drug. All treatment should occur only in consultation with the doctor.

A synthetic analogue is also prescribed for painful menstruation. The fact is that the effect of the medicine reduces the contractions of the muscles of the uterus and relieves painful sensations.

After treatment, many women observe changes in the menstrual cycle, the discharge becomes scarce. To find out why, instead of normal discharge, it begins to be smeared, you need to consult a gynecologist and donate blood to determine the level of hormones.

When you receive any hormonal medication occurs adjustment in the body, which especially affects the nature of menstruation. The change is expressed in the scarcity of secretions that are smearing, the decrease in the duration of the cycle. Such manifestations are considered normal development and completion of the 2nd phase of treatment.

When therapy ends and there is no onset of independent menstruation, then it is necessary to consult a doctor, it is possible to assume the onset of pregnancy.

Duphaston during pregnancy

After passing the tests and tests, if the pregnancy has begun, the gynecologist draws up a regimen of taking the drug in order to prevent the threat of miscarriage. Among the positive effects of the hormone, its effect on the uterus muscles, namely, weakening of muscles, lowering tone and creating favorable conditions for the normal development of the fetus.

The impact extends to the entire body. The intestinal function decreases, the mammary glands are prepared for lactation. The appointment is prescribed by the doctor, based on ultrasound data and laboratory tests. On average, the duration of treatment is 20 obstetric weeks, after this period, the body begins to produce progesterone on its own placenta. In the general tandem with the corpus luteum of the ovary, the hormone level rises and the woman can carry the fetus until the end of the pregnancy. Cancellation of the synthetic analogue occurs gradually according to an individual scheme under the supervision of a gynecologist.

special instructions

When taking Duphaston, severe bleeding may occur, which, under the supervision of the attending physician, are stopped by increasing the dose of this drug. If after a course of treatment there is blood loss, then it is necessary to pass a biopsy of the uterine mucous membrane to determine malignant changes.

With caution, the drug is prescribed in the presence of certain diseases or in violation of the functions of the liver, cardiovascular system, kidneys. Requires a complete examination of the body. Contraindication is individual intolerance to the active substance.

If the patient has taken a dose of more than prescribed, it is recommended to flush the stomach, apply symptomatic treatment.

Features reception Duphaston

Brown discharge when taking Duphaston are the norm and are found in most patients. They are associated with several factors:

  • The restructuring of the body, getting the hormone in an increased amount. The reproductive system begins to work normally, preparing for ovulation and the upcoming conception.
  • Update mucosa. Discharge against the background of artificial hormone indicate that there is an update of the uterine mucosa. This is necessary to create a new epithelium, which later becomes the placental barrier.
  • Menstruation. Duphaston does not cause menstruation and you need to take it according to a certain scheme. And if a woman violates the rules of treatment, the spotting may indicate the beginning of menstruation.

A female gynecologist should tell about the possible secretions so that the patient is ready for the upcoming changes. A characteristic feature of normal discharge is the absence of pain. The drug does not cause discomfort in the stomach and genitals.

Normally, the discharge is scanty, smearing, can be permanent, but more often it occurs 2-3 times a day. Many women note a daub in the afternoon, after exercise or work.

Side effects

When Duphaston in women brown discharge is not always the norm. Tablets can cause side effects:

  • increased sensitivity of the mammary glands,
  • headaches and migraines,
  • weakness and malaise, intestinal disorders,
  • pruritus and rash,
  • hives,
  • bleeding.

Blood and heavy discharge from women should not be. Если начинается кровотечение, то это говорит о побочных эффектах препарата. Часто такое происходит при неправильно подобранной дозировке и самостоятельном приеме таблеток.Discharges are not a reason to cancel the drug. The physician must adjust the dose to eliminate the negative effect of the drug components on the body.

In general, Duphaston is well tolerated by the body. Side effects occur in 5% of cases. And only 2% of women have to cancel the drug due to individual intolerance to the components. They are undergoing additional examination for the appointment of a new treatment regimen. As a rule, Duphaston is replaced by Utrozhestan, which is characterized by yellow discharge.

If a woman drank the drug in the prescribed dosage and nausea, dizziness, headaches without a reason appeared on the day of the intake, then it is possible to judge the intolerance of the components of the medication. Immediately cancel it is not worth it, you should continue the course and if symptoms persist, consult a doctor.

In pregnant women

Of particular concern are discharge during pregnancy. If the doctor prescribes Duphaston at the risk of spontaneous abortion, then the brown discharge stops. But also the drug can provoke the release of a secret of a color that is not typical for a normal state.

If the brown discharge began immediately after the start of the drug, then there is no cause for concern. During pregnancy, breakthrough bleeding is also possible, which cannot provoke a miscarriage. But consultation with the gynecologist should be conducted to exclude possible pathologies.

Discharge when taking Duphaston during pregnancy require dosage adjustment. The doctor increases the amount of daily medication. A woman can take up to 6 tablets per day. But you can not adjust the treatment yourself!

The expectant mother needs immediate medical assistance if additional symptoms occur:

  • severe pulling or cutting pains in the abdomen and / or lower back,
  • temperature rise to a value of 40 degrees or more
  • blood discharge clots.

Drinking Duphaston is prescribed to preserve pregnancy and prevent miscarriage. To provoke an interruption and killing of the fetus drug can not. And if a woman started drinking Duphaston and she had a miscarriage, the reason is not in the treatment of this drug.

Many women get scared when they see a brownish discharge on underwear and refuse to take the drug. You can not do this! Cancel Duphaston need gradually, according to the scheme prescribed by the doctor.

After cancellation

After canceling Duphaston, discharge is also possible. If a woman has abruptly stopped taking the drug, the reason is withdrawal syndrome. It is characterized by deterioration of health, delayed menstruation, the appearance of daub between cycles. The body must prepare for the further self-production of progesterone, so the withdrawal occurs gradually, with a daily decrease in the number of pills taken.

The second reason is the onset of pregnancy. The drug is taken from the 5th to the 25th day of the cycle. And if during this period fertilization of the egg occurred, then bleeding may indicate attachment of the embryo to the wall of the uterus. In the absence of menstruation in time, it is necessary to make a pregnancy test or pass the analysis for hCG over time to exclude or confirm successful conception.

It should be borne in mind that if the pregnancy has come, you should immediately notify the treating gynecologist. It may be necessary to conduct several more therapeutic courses Duphaston.

Another reason is the imperfection of the organs of the reproductive system. To make an accurate diagnosis, you need to pass hormone tests to study the amount of progesterone. A woman may need additional treatment.

White secretions may be the cause of thrush against the background of reduced immunity. This happens rarely, but a change in the hormonal background can cause vaginal microflora. If the discharge is white when Duphaston is accompanied by itching, then additional tests should be taken.

Possible pathologies

The female body is very susceptible to various changes. After prima Duphaston and other hormonal drugs, brown or blood secretions are noted. But this symptom is not always the norm. The reasons can be serious pathology:

  • endometriosis,
  • polyp,
  • ovarian cyst,
  • inflammation of the appendages.

Duphaston is never assigned to a woman without prior examination. But the patients taking the drug noted that it was after the start of the medication that it started smearing brown. If the secretions are preserved for 3–4 cycles, an ultrasound examination is required to exclude or confirm the pathologies of the reproductive system.

Duphaston and monthly

Highlight brown may be associated with the onset of menstruation. The action of the drug is aimed at restoring the cycle and normalizing the released blood volume. But against the background of Duphaston, brown discharge instead of heavy menstruation is considered normal. This rule applies to women who have excluded other pathologies of the sexual sphere.

"I accept Duphaston and do not come monthly" - a frequent complaint of patients. If this happens, the gynecologist should increase the number of tablets taken daily or prescribe additional treatment. After adjusting the dosage, the menstrual cycle is restored.

Duphaston is a modern, effective drug used to restore the menstrual cycle, treat infertility and preserve pregnancy. But against the background of its reception, the appearance of brown daub is possible, which in most cases is the norm. For any abnormalities and prolonged discharge should consult a doctor.

Question: The consequences of duphaston.

Good day. Consultation is VERY necessary. The doctor prescribed duphaston from the 16th to the 25th day of the cycle without analyzing it for progesterone (simply because my husband and I began to plan the pregnancy). Immediately I say saw it two cycles. As soon as she began to take it, her period changed: earlier, at the 28th or 29th DC, full-fledged periods came, characteristic of the lower abdomen, etc. When receiving duphaston 3-4 days before the expected menses, the discharge begins initially brownish, then small portions of liquid red blood come out several times a day just a little bit - I work around a pair of daily pads (it feels NOT monthly). 4 days (just at the 28,29th DC) come full monthly color and consistency as usual with the usual pain in the lower abdomen. Those. I am very concerned about this question: before there was no such thing, the monthly ones arrived on time for the 28-29th day of the Tsquila without preliminary discharge. The first question: can this be the norm or should it not be so? The rest of the various gynecological tests are normal in the blood, there are no complaints on the ultrasound, I am very concerned about my health. An even bigger question was caused by the current situation when I stopped taking duphaston on the 3rd cycle (I just decided to try with my husband without pills) - it turned out similarly .. i.e. now the same picture started already without douchaston tablets - on the 25th day of the cycle (this was 3-4 days before the expected menses) brownish started again and then red discharge (without pain, without sensations) though in very small amounts before term. What can this mean? Djufaston could break something to me or is it a normal practice after taking it? Please explain one more moment: after all, from what moment does the first day of the cycle count in my case: from the moment of the first minor bleeding or from the moment when I intuitively sense these menstrual periods and they start to go as usual and in days like my whole life they came. And if the first day is considered as soon as the red blood appeared, then it turns out that the duphaston reduced my monthly cycle to 24-25 days. Previously, as a clock on the 28-29th ((((((Now I find it difficult to calculate ovulation. I'm completely confused ((I really hope for your detailed answer.
I beg your pardon and I am interested in one more thing: when I started to drink duphaston on the 1st cycle, I passed progesterone on the 20th day and I had 33 nMol / l, and when on the 3rd cycle I already didn’t take dufaston passed on the 22nd day and he was 38 nM / l. Tell me, does duphaston have a cumulative effect? Can there be such a good indicator of the hormone without taking duphaston only due to the fact that I had taken it for 2 months before or it could not be and this is my pure hormone, i.e. can i be sure of that
Thank you in advance for your replies, we are looking forward to it.

1. Dear Natalia, Duphaston is not used when planning pregnancy in the event that there is no reasoned evidence for this. According to the results of ultrasound examination, and judging by your words about the results of laboratory diagnostics - you do not need this drug. Yes, its use could cause the appearance of bleeding in the middle of the cycle, and contribute to prolonging the period of menstrual bleeding. For more information about the effects of the drug on the body and the indications for its use, you can read in our thematic section with the same name: Duphaston. More information about how to detect ovulation, you can read in the section: Ovulation.

2. Duphaston is a progesterone-containing drug, when it is used, the level of progesterone in the blood rises, which is why a test for progesterone will not give accurate results until the drug is completely eliminated from the body. As a rule, the control laboratory examination (determination of the level of progesterone in the blood) is prescribed a month later, after discontinuation of Duphaston. For more information about the change in the level of progesterone in the blood, you can read in our medical information section on this hormone: Progesterone.

Hello! I drank Duphaston from 5 to 25 days of the cycle, 2 tablets per day, monthly came as expected. In the next cycle, I began to drink it from 16 to 25 days, 1 tablet per day. After 4 days after starting, I have brownish discharge, happens as with blood., the lower abdomen was very sick. What then do? Stop taking or continue up to the 25th day of the cycle?

In this case, you need to personally consult with your doctor who prescribed this treatment for you, since in order to decide whether to change the treatment regimen, you need to know your medical history, clinical and laboratory data. Try in the near future to consult with your doctor. More information on this issue you can get information in the thematic section of our site: Duphaston